Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What? Another videogame theme?

Yeah I know, I just posted the Zelda theme a few days ago. But I had to post this. I listened to it a few minutes ago and I was impressed how much this tune fits the level. You HAVE to think of some kind of icy landscape, cold, snow... That´s what´s so epic about it. After all, this blog is about music that doesn´t always need a voice in it to be epic. So don´t wonder if I post something from an anime the next time, I´ve other DnB or electro tunes to share with you, but I think it doesn´t hurt to post something like this once in a while.

Oh by the way, I just realized how much influence Bomberman Hero had on my taste of music.


  1. bomberman was the first game i got for n64.

    man i was so fucking happy when i got it. damn man nostalgiaing hard right now

  2. I think I'm the only person that never played Bomberman or Metroid Prime

  3. lold its funni game

  4. Great stuff. You keep me coming back!

  5. nostalgia...*sniff* *wipes tear*

  6. haha i knew that there would be a lot of nostalgia :D

  7. So what is this? Like a music theme? I dont get it

  8. I enjoy reading your articles :D

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  10. brb need to go play some bomberman!!